Thursday, March 31, 2011

sorry my dear,i want to wish it but i can't :(

mostly on silent from written something kat blog nie..sowie a lot..i totally busy with my proposal for my final year project...with assignment yang bersepah3..drawing autocad yang penuh dengan line3..hehe..oh my BLOG..i really miss you...almost 2 month i didn't written something in this website..and today 1 april 2011..i really love to write something here... talking about me ..nathing special happen during 2 month before..just melalui rutin2 harian yang penuh dengan dugaan and cabaran...itu lah kehidupan rite??dari situ la kita buleh menilai and memperbaiki ape yang kurang...:) now, i'm sick to pretending anymore...tired of saying i'm ok but i'm not...sick pretending like nothing happen..i'm smile outside but GOD knows how dying i'm inside..trying to get much2 more strength...i wish i can get all strength in the world..can i??until now i'm still trying to be the strongest one..people always say "suzi@jie@sue@zie kamu cukup kuat..kamu tahu tak?" but i'm just can answer with smile outside but inside (T_T)..because i dun see i'm the strongest one... i wish i can be the strongest one in the future..amin..

for you:
i wish u hepi on ur days because this years u have someone beside...she can give you a big smile on ur day...i hope u hepi together...and i just can wish it in my sujud on ur day.. wish all the best thing for you..and wish ur dream will comes a better man ok..:)